Mapping Help

1.       At the first page enter the valid client code … client code should matched with the respective branch code.

a.       Ex. If the client code like 11200021 then branch login should be of 112

2.       Press the enter key

3.       Then the mapping page will appear. If the client is already mapped with the various location then list will be shown like


This  means client is mapped with 9 dealers

5.       Above list only allow us to have maximum of 10 preferred map location.

6.       If you want to map a client with another location then select location from the location drop down list box. Then select respective city from the next drop down list box. Then the respective dealer code from the next drop down list box.




7.       Click on add button

Task of Update button

When you want to preferred mark a particular dealer then click on the particular checkbox against the particular dealer and click on update button…